Vendors and Exhibits!    

Here are some of the exciting exhibits for this year. Join us this year by filling out the application below!

Advanced Composting Systems (Composting Toilets)
CET Solar Store
Leweys Eco-Blends
Pulsetech Products
Seasoned Book Sellers
Special Services
Solar Works
Sterling College
Sundance Solar Products
Vermont BioFuels Association
NFA Technologies
LED Dynamics
LED Supply
Green Fields Merchantile
Solar Bus
Global E Industries BioDiesel
Green Mountain Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pumps
Water and Energy
Grease Car Veggie Oil Fuel Systems
Global Peace Campaign
Conneticuit River Fest
New Wind Energy
NFA Technologies

  Justing Carven will be showing one of his "grease powered" vehicles. For some great information and articles on "grease power" check out his site at

The following is general information that applies to both VAEF exhibitors and vendors. It may be helpful to print this page. Please read through the information and refer back to this page as needed. If you have more questions or need more information please feel free to contact us at any time.

We would also like to remind our exhibitors and vendors that we would be grateful to have your support as sponsors as well. We could use all the help we can get in making this event a huge success.

Please read the general information below and then click on the appropriate link for your Exhibitor's application or your Vendor's application and permits. Thank you for your help,

-Team Ponda


Vendor/Exhibitor Information:

* There is no electric power provided at the booths
* You are responsible for your own tent, tables, etc.
* The site is an open field surrounded by woods
* You can load/unload at your spot but you must move your vehicles to the parking area
* No vehicles allowed on the festival site from 9:00 a.m. Saturday - 1:00 p.m. Sunday except for supplies
* No dogs/ pets of any kind
* No zoning permits needed
* Vendor/Exhibitor fee includes 1 weekend passes and 1 Vendor/Exhibitor parking pass, additional cars may park for free in festival parking areas. Additional gate passes for workers must be purchased, discounted until August 15
* Cancellation requires 30 day notice and 20% cancellation fee; less than 30 days no refund


Food vendor Information:

* There will be no water hook-ups
* Food vendors must get a permit from Health Department at (802) 786-5811
* Please be sure to complete the Town of Randolph's permit and get it to the town office before the event
* Flooring is required for food vendors
* You must provide proof of insurance to sell food items
* Dumpster and recycling center on grounds
* Food vendors may drive on (and then immediately off) site for restocks mid-festival

Fee for 2003:

* Alternative Energy, Environmental, Energy -Conservation Vendors and Exhibitors are $125 (1 Ticket)

* Non-Profits have a charge of $25 (1 Ticket)

* Food Vendors
-10 x 10 space $125 (+10% of sales)
-20 x 10 space $250 (+10% of sales)

Vendor/Exhibitor Access:

* Begins Noon on Friday, August 22nd and 7:00 AM on both Sat. & Sun.
* All vehicles off the festival midway by 9:00 AM on Saturday.
* Set-up must be complete by 9:00AM Saturday.
* Please Set-Up Friday for your convenience, and ours Thanks!!






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